SANS Mobility / BYOD Security Survey

Mit Unterstützung von Bradford Networks, MobileIron und HP Enterprise Security Products führte SANS eine Mobile Security Studie mit dem Titel „SANS Mobility / BYOD Security Survey“ durch, die am 12. April 2012 veröffentlicht wurde.

Die Ergebnisse der Studie werden wie folgt zusammengefasst:
„… organizations are moving rapidly toward supporting BYOD in their enterprises.
While the majority of organizations allow employees to use their own devices, organizations are not yet comfortable with the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of their policies to protect their resources being accessed by these devices. This means that organizations need to continue to provide support and guidance concerning the most secure ways to use and control mobile devices.

Of those organizations that have a policy, many are taking a layered approach by using multiple means of managing risk at the endpoint, on the network and even on the device itself. This diversity in options for mobility risk management was evident in the myriad methodologies available at the RSA Security Conference this year. If policy mirrors that market, then organizations will need to take great care assessing their infrastructures and user needs as well as mapping out a strategy that meets current and perceived future mobility programs.

To do that, organizations need better, more integrated options for managing threats and risks coming from their own and their employee devices that are accessing enterprise resources. These options should contain the full spectrum of protection layers: policy, user awareness, management and technical controls. It is clear they are looking for systems and controls that are flexible enough to handle the threats and risks associated with features and functionality that today’s integrated workforce demands.“

Quelle/n: Fotos (aus Studie: SANS)
Details, Statistiken und weiterführende Informationen finden Sie in der Studie, die kostenlos zum Download bereit steht unter

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